10 Amazing Food Hacks

Here at Takeaway.com we are all about making your (food) life easier. Lazy chefs will love the following 10 amazing food hacks. Even lazier chefs are recommended to just simply order takeaway. We know a great site for that ;).

1. Use a straw to remove the stems from strawberries

De-stem Strawberries with Straw

2. Unscented dental floss can cut soft foods perfectly

Cut with Dental Floss

3. Create perfect bite-sized bacon omelettes with a cupcake tin/maker

Bacon Omelette Bites

4. Put your ice cream in a resealable plastic bag to keep it soft

Keep Ice Cream Soft

5. You can use an apple corer on potatoes as well. Makes for quick and easy wedges!

Apple Corer Potato

6. Make pretty (and tasty) chocolate bowls with the help of a balloon

Chocolate Cups Balloons

7. An easy trick to get shell bits out easily

Remove Shell Bits Easily

8. Use a mug to create multiple levels in the microwave, allowing you to heat up two bowls instead of one

Different Levels Microwave

9. Turn a crisps bag into a bowl for handier snacking

Turn Crisps Bag Into Bowl

10. You can keep bananas fresh longer by wrapping the top with aluminum or plastic foil

Keep Bananas Fresh Longer

Did you know about these clever food hacks already? If not, are you going to try them out? Let us know & leave a comment!



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