Buildings Shaped Like Food – Yum!

Taking a bite out of these buildings shaped like food won’t be very tasty (and you might be taken away by the folks in white coats if you try). Perhaps it’s best to just enjoy this feast for the eyes (maybe that’s too corny. sorry!) from home.

Happy Meal

Happy Meal Building
The biggest Happy Meal in the world is a McDonald’s in Dallas, Texas. It has a massive burger, fries and drinks fixed to the outside. Looking like a giant Happy Meal and having a playroom, this McDonald’s could be described as a kid’s dream. It is also a classy affair, however. You can enjoy your burger and fries in a mahogany booth beneath an Austrian crystal chandelier and surrounded by Ralph Lauren wallpaper.

The Big Pineapple

The Big Pineapple
Located in Bathurst, South Africa, The Big Pineapple is home to an observation deck and a souvenir shop. It’s the world’s tallest pineapple at 16.7 metres.

Tail O’ The Pup

Tail O' The Pup
Tail O’ The Pup is a much loved hot dog stand in Los Angeles, California. It was built in 1946 and appeared in a number of movies such as L.A Story starring Steve Martin.

Twistee Treat

Twistee Treat
The Twistee Treat chain is famous for its ice cream cone-shaped stores. It looks almost lickable!

The Donut Hole

The Donut Hole
Drive through The Donut Hole in La Puente, California to pick up its yummy chocolate donuts (among others). Apparently, newlyweds like to drive through it for good luck.

You could make so many Hawaiian pizzas with a pineapple that big! And how many takeaways would it need to fill that Happy Meal box?!

Tell us in the comments of any food-shaped buildings you know.



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