Takeaway Food & Beer: A Pairing Guide

We love a curry and a beer – and it’s a meal that’s quickly become synonymous with British food culture.  Here,  in our Takeaway.com Food and Beer Pairing guide, we suggest the best brews to accompany your favourite takeaway meals.

Indian Takeaway Curry with Beer

A British Classic – Curry and a Beer!

Chicken Tikka Masala

The Dish: The most popular curry in England, this dish consists of chicken, marinated in spices and yoghurt, baked in an oven and served in a tomato and coriander sauce.
We say: It’s a nice idea to balance out the spices in the curry with a sweet beer.  Try a maltier IPA (India Pale Ale) which work well with this relatively mild, but flavoursome curry.
Try: Meantime Pale Ale from the Meantime Brewery

Margherita Pizza

The Dish: The classic pizza, featuring mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil.
We say:  A Margherita pizza is delicious in its own right, but relatively mild in terms of taste. Don’t overpower the delicate toppings with a strong beer, opt for a relatively neutral, lightly-hopped German Hefeweizen.
Try: Löwenbräu Original

Margherita Pizza with a Beer

Green Thai Curry

The dish: One of the hottest and spiciest dishes around, made with coconut milk, lemongrass, Thai spices, chilli and the mainstay of your choice (chicken and beef are the most popular).
We say: This curry is HOT! Cool your taste buds with a chilled but fruity blonde – ale that is! The lightness will help offset the firepower of the chillis.
Try: Bombay Blonde – specially formulated for curries!

Chinese BBQ Spare Ribs

The dish: A taste explosion, these ribs are commonly marinated in soy and hoisin sauce, honey, rice wine, chilli and garlic.
We say: A strong dish requires a strong beer! This is one of the few dishes that can’t be overpowered by a dark and delicious milk stout. Aim for one on the sweeter side to bring out the honey in the marinade.
Try: Lancaster Milk Stout


The dish: An increasing trend in gastropubs is topping cheesburgers with all sorts of exciting cheeses and fillings. The typical takeaway cheeseburger is topped with processed cheese, ketchup and salad.
We say: As a cheeseburger can be, literally, quite a mouthful, a medium-hopped Czech Pilsner is bitter enough to refresh the palate without impacting the taste of the next meaty munch.
Try: Budweiser Budvar

Beer with a Cheesburger

Fried Chicken

The Dish: Sumptuous chicken, fried in various spices to create a crunchy, tasty coating.
We say: To really bring out the flavour of the toasty crust, try a Maibock.  Less sweet than a traditional Bock beer, Maibock beers are more hopped, refreshing and peppery, which really accentuates the spices of the fried coating and counters any grease.
Try: Dundee Pale Bock Lager


The Dish: Staples of sushi takeaway dishes are raw fish or seafood, paired with sticky rice.
We say: American pale wheat ales are light enough to not overpower the delicate seafood, but can hold their own against both the soy sauce dip and pickled ginger commonly used to cleanse the palate between dishes.
Try: Samuel Adams Summer Ale

Beer with Sushi

Beer with Assorted Sashimi

So, there we have it lager lovers – give the pairings a try and let us know what you think – or maybe you already have a beloved beer to enjoy with your takeaway ? We’d love your feedback!


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